15 years in friendzone

And people will tell me to fuck off and calm the fuck down, or else that guy will punch me in the face.

Yep. That guy told me that.

Insta-Ignore that son of a bitch, before I hunt down that person and kill him.
I will punch, kick him back until he doesn’t want to take any more hits.
Yep. Me ex-blockmates have their friends on their own.

So, I am basically screwed up.
Because those friends would most likely be together for the rest of their lives,
unless they encounter a person that could ruin an org event, even perform a domino effect on the others.

While I am here, suffering a medical condition. Therapy didn’t work, so was Western meds. Illegals can’t be accessed without going to prison, or worse, dead, in which my ex-blockmates and others probably wanted all along.

Yep. They never welcomed pessimism, as much as they don’t welcome Marcos supporters. They never welcomed ideas from people like me ever.

Yep. Guess silence will be my forever friend. I got my own friends in my mind as well.
Even parents would attempt to help, but ended up destroying me inside. Because they emphasize reliance on others, and only through others would we survive, right?
Well, just wait until I am gone.

When I am gone, then and only then would they care to call my ass. Text me like crazy.
BUT THEY NEVER KNEW I WAS GONE BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE MY FUCKING PHONE. Try tracking that, bitches! Too late to care, me ‘friends.’ Also, only a few of them have my phone num. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Police will try to find me. They will do that until they waver and focus on their drug campaign. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!

When they would care, it is too late. I will escape from this madness, if ever they wanted to hurt me again.

If ever they call authorities that would rather mess up…well…screw those people… I will personally punch my way out of this world. I won’t participate anymore in this city.
Screw the people that made me live this shithole for too long.

But it awarded me an independent mind along the way.”

– NotaHugeFanofFriends, SOSS, BS PSY, 2020