Forever in the Friendzone

Merry Christmas MSUans!
Gusto ko talaga ‘to ipalabas hahaha ngayong Christmas/sem Break lang ako nag ka courage (naks).
Dear You,
I’m trying to write my feelings about you but I always end up blank. My brain’s spinning and scattering; forcedly trying hard to find the right words and phrases for you but…I just end up thinking about your smile and your eyes: it’s a torrid combination of ecstasy.
Pero charot lang! Hahahhaaha eto na.

Matagal na akong nagpapakita ng mga senyas na gusto kita pero pakshet hindi mo pa rin nahahalata.

Pranka ba? Pasensya na. Naniniwala kasi ako na “daig pa ng malandi ang maganda.” Pero hindi naman ako ung dalawa. Hindi ko nga alam kung saan ako lulugar. Hindi naman ako maganda at malandi pero mas madaling maging malandi kaysa maging maganda.

Ganoon ba ang gusto mong maging girlfriend? Yung mga magaganda? Yung mga tipong makikinis at balingkinitan?
Pwede ba yung level ng kagandahan ko lang? Yung tipong hindi masyadong makinis at hindi masyadong balingkinitan?
Hahahahah joke.

I know you won’t settle for me. You’re just too good and too talented to be contended with a simple, somewhat chubby (hahaha) and unattractive girl like me. I don’t even know why I’m still hoping or why I’m still holding on to the thought that someday you’ll find me good enough and will settle for me.

Well, maybe because of our late night talks or perhaps our shared adventures and our late night escapades in MSU grounds (hahaha sa watertank) or how we laugh at our nasty and lame jokes and how you treat me like I’m someone special.

And that’s the thing. I can’t easily forget my feelings about you because my happiest moments are with you. This hurts me. Just thinking about these things pains me a lot.

Anyway, you’ll think that I’m pathetic and I should just stop because of the fact that you will not ever like me and you can’t reciprocate the feelings that I have for you but this is just me saying that I really have a great affection for you. Don’t worry; I am helping myself by gradually forgetting and blocking the feelings that I have for you even if it is painful.

(note the “gradually”)And if you ever realize (since you’re just a naive dimwit) that the “you” I’m talking about is actually YOU. I hope we can still maintain our relationship status which is being best of friends.

No awkwardness, no discomfort and no dead air. Just you, me and the old we.
-Rosie of Educ


Mindanao State University – General Santos City