I found my Human Nicotine

Kids, Let me tell you a story on how i met her (HIMYM reference what what). Kids, someday you will meet a person that seemed like a background character in your Life Story, but then changes your world in ways you cant even begin to imagine.

Being an MITL student really brings the pressure. Not degrading other departments but the strain of being in MITL department really makes you think of slicing you throat at times. I came from a different program, didnt really have friends in my previous program, so transferring didnt have any separation anxiety problems. now in my new MITL program, i only had majors remaining to take. enrollment came, managed courses, sections, payments, done deal. and then enter, 1st day of school…

No, i did not meet her in my 1st day of going back to school. this is not a movie made love story. it wont start that way. not even on the 2nd day. didnt meet her there as well. 2 days passed, i felt like my term is going to be awfully tedious and tragically boring. I was ok with that. just me, a few friends, and my mod. i was getting in terms how boring my life will be for 3 months. ENTER 3RD DAY OF CLASSES.

I was in my usual seat, at the back, not all the way back but just far enough to seem invisible to the class. airconditioning at full power, while sun rays still pierce through the thin blinds, which was comforting since it helps me not fall asleep. i try to be early in class, 10 mins early atleast. 15 mins in class, She arrives. this girl. I already knew this girl. but just barely. since i am a weird guy who does not handle actual conversations well, i only knew her in social media. she had questions, i answer. if i had questions, she answers as well. that simple. it was actually the first time i saw her in person, but i immediately knew it was her. lets call her “Robin” (I Started with HIMYM reference so why stop now).

If you look at Robin, shes your typical college student. but cute. i had to admit i find her cute even if it was the first time im seeing her in person. that course was filled with activities, so at one point we needed to have draw lots. had to go infront to draw a number, i tried to map my way so ill pass infront of her drafting table. too bad i forgot she was blind as a bat. she had very bad eyes. no worries, i didnt even know why i did that but yeah, no harm done.

Went home and attempted to PM Robin. Robin had no idea that i was in her class, but i was not planning on telling her as well. at this point we had no conversations for the past 5 months or so, and i didnt have an idea what to tell her. so i just started my message with a hi, and blurted out trivial conversation starters, then poof, the conversation started to move forward. this went on for a few more days without her knowing that i was just a few steps away from her table in our class. we were assigned reports, individually.

At home while researching my topic, i was exchanging message with her through social media. i mentioned that i liked a certain kind of candy bar, which lo an behold, she likes as well. a thought came to my mind; “wouldnt it be nice if i gave her the candy bar she was craving for, and using that, it reveals that im in that class as well?”, its like the ultimate magic trick i can pull. not a few days more, the dreaded day came, i was literally next to her table. she didnt notice.

I was laughing in my mind because im within her reach, and we kept talking a few nights straight and she doesnt notice that im one head turn away from her. 20 mins remaining in class, my heart dropped and my palms are like a broken dam or something it was sweating like hell. 5 mins remaining in class, the prof announced the end of the class, what i did was SHUT MY BRAIN DOWN, DIDNT THINK, I DIDNT EVEN BREATHE WHILE WALKING AND DROPPED THE CANDY BARS ON HER TABLE WHILE SHE WAS NOT LOOKING.

There were a cluster of people in her table back then, lots of her friends seem to gather around her. they were chatting and once i dropped the candy bars, they all stopped. stopped in silence. after i gave the candy bars, i swooped out and i heard “ui! thank you!” from the back, and i heard her chair moved and i assumed she was going to follow me out the room. i was panicking from the thought of her following me outside and talking to me in person that i went inside the next room for no apparent reason. just to hide.

Arrived home, i received a message from her. she was looking for me outside, and i was nowhere to be found. i told her i panicked. and with that we had conversations almost everyday. and i dont know how or when, but i fell for her. and from then on, all i think abut is her. she was my thought during waking hours, before i sleep, while eating, or whatever. she has brought me happiness on ways i cant even explain how. shes been the best part of my everyday life up til now. i want to continue my story but as you can see i suck at making points on my story and it became longer than how i wanted it to be. i might continue this, i might not. but to all those who stuck till the and and read this, let me thank you. and i hope you find your happiness as well. dude, she might be a friend you knew before, but didnt interest you back then. im not saying na isa isahin mo lahat ng nakaraang kaibigan mo at itry kung sya si forever, pero malay mo isa na nga sa kanila yon. or do it like me, i didnt try and find my Robin, she came
in unexpectedly. 🙂

-Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, MITL, 20**