“I was 9 years old back then and It was around October when I saw a beggar, leaning on the wall with an empty bottle beside him, pleading someone who passed by, asking “Ate/Kuya pagkaun lang.” and a hunger was drowned all over his face. I couldn’t bear the sympathy I felt so as soon as my Mom finished her meal, I went out to the Jollibee and headed my way to the beggar with a plastic of chicken and rice, and a bottle of coke in my hand,

I looked at him and I guessed he’s thirteen years old, he stared at me too. Without saying any words I gave him my food. I will never forget that beggar who hugged me and said thank you, I couldn’t even forget what he said “Makakaun na jud ko salamat kaayu! duha na ko kaadlaw way kaun ug tubig ra sa poso akong pamaagi.”

I always ask my Mom to stop me by to that place whenever she take and get me from school, I always ask her if she could buy meals for two so I can give the other one to him but sadly he wasn’t already there, until I stopped doing it. I didn’t hear any news about him, even if I ask some of the vendors there no one knows him.

That was 9 years ago but I could still remember his face, his shaggy blonde hair and his bedraggled clothes, funny that right now I’m a college I still tried to look for him all over the colon, hoping that I can find him.

But just a month ago I never expected the sudden turn of events. I went to the Jollibee and buy some fries, when I got my order I looked for a table near the window where I can saw people passing by, and gladly I found one. I was in the middle of feeding myself when a kid knocking the window, seeking for my attention, as I stared at the kid she put her hand to her stomach as if she was telling me she’s starving.

I sighed, my heart was totally moved so I decided to save some food for her but a guy approached her, gave her a bucket of food and I guess it was so expensive because of it came from a well-known restaurant here in cebu city.

I looked at the guy but he wasn’t anymore a guy, he looks so decent in his school uniform, he went inside straight to the staff room, a minute passed by he went out wearing a uniform that every
Jollibee employees wore.

And just an image pooped out on my head out of nowhere. The guy was working in the cashier was the beggar I gave a food years ago.

He changed a lot, he looks so manly and an educated individual. I come constantly to that place, not just to buy food but to look for him. I found out that he’s a college right now, taking up a course of Education from one of a prestigious school here. I know I wasn’t wrong, I know that it was really him.

Always put this in your mind, no matter what battle you are fighting for, don’t choose to give up, instead just take a rest for a while so you can gain strength and continue aiming the triumph you love to reach. Don’t stick to just what you see because what you never expected is what you usually happens.

Right now I’m hiding myself in a suit of being a customer, it’s a relief that he raised himself from his burdens before. For Jay, I don’t want to interrupt you so as of now I will just look at you from afar.

You did your great job! Keep it high!
I don’t know if this is still a crush or what but I just want you to know what I felt for so long never change. I still like you.

If you happen to read this, I hope you didn’t forget me.

Cebu Eastern College