Realization in Love and Life

Why are we talking about this anyway? Well, love makes the world go round.

We all do need it no matter what form of love it is. But you know, love is like almost getting casual to all of us and because of that we already forget the true meaning behind LOVE. Its moreeee than just a word…

1.””Well, Love is a COMMITMENT you have to make for someone and it must be FOREVER!””

Think long-term. Love is not a feeling that when you think your falling inlove to that person you can easily say “”Go for it!””. Why don’t you ask yourself first, are you ready for that commitment? You know, maybe you need time for yourself. You have to know first who you really are.
What does that mean? You have to know first who you really are..what really hurts you, what annoys you, what you really love like your passion, dreams and aspirations and etc. because in the first place its never been easy to handle our own self…

What more pa if may partner pa tayo, right? We cannot share what we dont have you know. We have to know ourselves para maging ready tayo as a person and mag work out ang future relationship natin. So then, heartbreaks won’t be difficult to handle, Sacrifices wont not be too difficult, and each others differences wont be difficult to handle too.

Thats when we can finally say we are ready!

Commitment is Lifetime!

2.””True Love Waits!””

Its kind of cliche but really it has a deeper meaning. We have to be patient! We don’t need to rush love. Love will just build itself when we know we are ready for it. Patience also means guarding our heart too!

There are alot of beings in this world and we’d never know who could be the right one for us. We must patiently wait for it. Waiting is never boring you know! Its actually the best time for us to enjoy our own self. Be happy with yourself! Go adventure, travel, live life to the fullest! Because life is GREAT! Live your dreams! Plan for it!

We have to teach ourselves to do it well alone, because we can really miss interesting and important things that is right in front of us. Being single is the perfect time to make the best version of ourselves so when we meet the person for us, well atleast he/she can totally say “”That person is worth waiting for””.
“”Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, we wont get a second chance to do our best”” so get and grab the opportunity to enjoy!

3.””Never go for relationship that won’t go to marriage.””

It will just hurt you and it might lead you to different direction that could possibly ruin you. Love never takes the best version out of you. If it does well you need now start doubting about it. Thats also why, relationships are not recommended for teens because we are still not ready for commitments. Love requires sacrifices you know. So are you ready for it?

4.””Choosing your future husband is also choosing your future””

You know, if you were to ask what you really need to look for in a guy..There’s only one thing you need to look for! “”A Man who fears the Lord, A man who knows how to kneel unto God”” because all other things you would ever want in a guy, it will just follow.

Never be deceived by looks. Sooner, all those tangible assets will withered away because we will all get older. Looks will going to be just a bonus!
To guys out there:
Let us see not how many barbells you lift at the gym, but how your arms are outstretched to those in need. Let us see not the brand of shoes you wear, but how your feet are willing to go wherever the Lord says so.

Let us hear not how deep and melodic your voice is, but how you speak life, grace, and truth. Let us notice not how high you hold your head up, but how low you kneel before His Throne.
In love, its okay to get hurt sometimes. Its also fine to just feel the pain. Because all of these, will make you a better person. They’re never a mistakes, but rather, WORKS IN PROGRESS. We just need to look things with fresh eyes 🙂
Somehow, in my 19 years of existence those are my realizations. And yeah, im patienly waiting for my future husband for 19 years! Hehe??
I hope you do too! Its never too late! 🙂

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