Remembering Her

She was smart; brilliant, even. She was astonishingly witty. She was gorgeous and adorable at the same time. She could instantly make you fall in love just by simply being herself. She was my first everything.

I knew that I’d love her the first time that I saw her. “This girl,” I thought, “I’d never get her. Totally out of my league,” I was a pessimist. How could a guy like me ever get a girl as beautiful as her? That’s why I loved her from afar. I never told anyone, not even my best friend, that I liked her. They would all laugh at me.

She was having a hard time in one of our subjects then. I was known in our class to excel in that subject, and so she approached me to ask for help. I was so nervous. Our classmates were staring, her friends were watching, and I was shaking. Nevertheless, I answered all of her questions, except one.

“Dylan, ok lang ba kung magpapaturo ako sa’yo after ng class?”

I was speechless. There was the girl of my dreams, in front of me, inviting me to a study session.

“Uhm….” I uttered, “Thanks, Dylan! You’re the best!” And she skipped back to her seat.

Later that day, while studying, she handed me a letter and “went to the washroom”.

It said (exact words):

“Dylan, Seeing you everyday makes me happy.. but being with you is bliss.”

I asked her out on our senior year. We got married 3 years later.
Now, almost 4 years after her death, I’m in love with another girl.
She calls me daddy.
We miss you, sweetheart. Thalia says she hopes you’re doing fine there in heaven.
We love you.


Faculty of Pharmacy