the wait is over

There is this guy whom I fell inlove with. We were batchmates years ago.
That time I already noticed him but I didn’t try to mingle with him and his friend.

Until this day comes, I am in my college when he tried to contact me.
I am confused because we were not even that close during high school.
Simula nun lagi na kaming nag-uusap, sometimes he will calls me or vise versa.
Minsan naman umaalis kami just for fun, eventhough we were 70 kilometers away bumibyahe pa siya para pumunta samin.

Until the day na nanligaw siya, actually that time I was not ready to be in a relationship,
years ago hindi ko sineseryoso ang relationship because I think that time I haven’t yet understand the true meaning of it,
but as I saw other couples, it changed my perception.
Nanligaw siya pero di ko siya masagot, sinabi ko lang sa kanya to wait for me.

Actually I am a Fil-chinese and my mother and father are strict on that thing.
They still sometimes use the chinese tradition.

I persuade them to allow me but when they already allow me I bacame busy with my studies to the point na nawalan,
na ko ng oras makipag-usap sa kanya dahil,
magkaiba kami ng schedule at the same time naging busy rin siya sa practice nila.
I think almost three months na rin kaming di nagkaka-usap.
The worst thing I felt ay parang nasa system ko na siya.

Nasanay ako na every weekend pupunta siya sa bahay, na lagi siyang kausap hanggang sa makatulog ako,
yung dinaig pa yung parents ko kung magalit kapag ginagabi na ko umuwi.
Even my parents na nakaclose niya agad ay hinahanap na rin siya,
wala naman akong masagot sa kanila dahil di ko na siya nako-contact.
I message him but seen lang ang napala ko.

Until this day that I found out na may iba na siyang inaantay at hindi na ako.
I even skip my class and travel for 2 hours just to watch his game. I was there watching you as you won.
I am happy to know that you were able to achieve your goals eventhough I am not part of it.

I know that you’re also reading post from this page.
And this time I know that your done waiting for me because you are now waiting for other girl.

Maybe I am not really your match or your love rather.
But as I end this chapter I will start on letting go of my feelings for you. I hope that she will love you.

Always remeber no matter what happen ?????